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Norway Savings Bank Arena
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Current Covid-19 Information

As of May 24th, we have some exciting new guidelines for NSBA. Here are some changes:

-No masks are required inside for vaccinated patrons.

-No attendance restrictions. We are back to full capacity. This includes the use of the showers and mezzanine.

-Ages 12 and under still are required to have masks.

-Anyone who does not have a mask on inside our facility, we will assume have been vaccinated. 


Staff at NSBA are excited to have “closer to normal” operations. However, we want everyone to know that we will still be sanitizing all touchpoints and surfaces on a regular basis. We will still be working hard to make sure our building is a safe place to come skate and spectate.  Thank you all for working with us and being patient through this pandemic!


If you do not find a program or activity suited to your interests, or you would like to see more programs offered, please let us know so we can work to improve our services.


Contact the Auburn Recreation Department:

Phone:  207.333.6688 OR 207.333.6611
Address:  48 Pettengill Park Road, Auburn, Maine 04210
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am-4:30pm