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Guest Policies


Welcome to Norway Savings Bank Arena! Whether you visit us for many of our hockey leagues, tournaments or activities, or are a first time visitor, our goal is to provide you with an experience that meets or exceeds your expectations.  Our building policies are intended to ensure an enjoyable experience in a safe and comfortable environment.  If at any time our guests need to contact management during your visit, please visit the reception desk in the front lobby or see ice attendant located outside of the Olympia room, and the onsite manager will be happy to meet with you.  We also urge our guests and patrons to provide feedback to us following your experiences here at the Arena.  You can email management or call us at 207-333-6688.


Norway Savings Bank Arena provides concessions and vending machine opportunities for the provision of food and beverage.

ALL Skaters and Patrons acknowledge, understand and assume all risk of injury while visiting our facility. Injuries relative but not limited to; skating, hockey sticks, flying pucks, game action, tripping, falling, etc. that may occur on or off the ice.

Norway Savings Bank Arena provides markless pucks to maintain clear viewing glass for its patrons and visitors.  Please do not use outside pucks, buckets are located on each bench for patron use.

• No pucks, hockey sticks, or persons in outdoor footwear are allowed on the ice during public skate sessions. 
• All participants who are on the ice with a hockey stick and/or puck must wear a helmet, face shield or mask and gloves at all times. Hockey sticks and pucks are not allowed on the ice during any public event or public skating session.
• Doors to the ice, including doors from the player’s benches, MUST BE CLOSED, when not in use.  All doors shall remain closed and patrons off the ice when the ice re-surfacer is on the ice.
• Coaches and parents are responsible for the behavior of their team players on and off the ice and in the locker rooms.  Teams and coaches must keep the locker rooms clean at all times.  Excessive wear and tear, or trash clean-up shall result in additional charges to the team.
• ABSOLUTELY NO floor hockey, knee hockey, or ball playing shall be allowed in the lobby, mezzanine, grandstands, concession area or locker rooms.  “ON ICE ONLY”

Sorry, No Pets Allowed, service dogs will be permitted

Norway Savings Bank Arena is proud to be Tobacco Free, not only is it good policy, it’s the Law. The City of Auburn public spaces and parks are Tobacco Free.  Please leave your tobacco products in your car… NO BUTTS ABOUT IT!

NO outside alcohol or illegal substances are allowed in the building at any time.

Profanity or abusive language will not be tolerated at any time.  Norway Savings Bank Arena proudly promotes a safe, fun enjoyable experience for all. 

• During Public Skate, skaters and participants must:
    1. Maintain movement and direction with the flow of traffic
    2. Obey rules and regulations instructed by Skate Guards
    3. Not Whip, Play tag or perform figure skating spins and jumps.
    4. Not carry children or other skaters, on their backs, shoulders, arms or in pouches.
• Only learn to skate participants are allowed to use buckets or skating aid devices.  Skaters using these devises must stay in the center of the ice.

Patrons, teams, players, coaches and instructors who do not abide by the arena rules will be asked to leave the premises, habitual offenders may also be asked not to return.

Alcoholic Beverage Policy: All patrons in the building under the legal drinking age of 21 and in the possession of alcohol will be taken to the main office, ejected from the building, and the proper authorities will be notified for proper advisement.  All person(s) who are drinking and appear to be under 21 and cannot provide proper identification will be processed as above.  All person(s) supplying underage drinkers with alcohol will be processed as above.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM):  For your convenience, there is an ATM in Norway Savings Bank Arena, located in the front lobby adjacent to Rink 1 and locker room entrance.  Additional Fees may apply.

Food and Beverage: As part of our public safety policy, guests are not permitted to bring their own food and beverage items to any event at Norway Savings Bank Arena.  A variety of food and beverage items are available for purchase from the concession stand, and vending machines throughout the Arena during events and activities.

Guest Attire: In order to uphold our status as a first-class youth sports facility, proper attire, including shirt and shoes are required of all guests attending events and activities at Norway Savings Bank Arena.  Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone it deems dressed inappropriately.

Guest Behavior:  Norway Savings Bank Arena encourages all guests and patrons to show enthusiasm with energetic cheering during our events.  However, individual behavior must be bound by law and the rights of others to enjoy their experience here in the facility. Guest behavior cannot offend other patrons or be abusive towards the players, officials, and performers.  Arena staff reserves the right to eject patrons whose behavior impinges on the ability of our other guests to enjoy their experience.  Please notify Arena personnel or event security immediately if any such problem occurs.

Tobacco/Smoking: For the comfort and convenience of our guests, Norway Savings Bank Arena is a tobacco free facility/campus.  This policy will be strictly enforced in all areas of the building and surrounding property.

Search and Prohibited Items: For the safety and protection of our guests, athletes and performers, Norway Savings Bank Arena has enhanced security procedures for all events and activities.  The policies are intended to provide a safer, more enjoyable environment for fans.

Prohibited Items include but are not limited to:

  • Alcoholic beverages, controlled or unlawful substances and controlled substance paraphernalia
  • Items which could be used as weapons, such as firearms, knives, chains, and spiked jewelry
  • Cans, bottles (glass or plastic) or coolers
  • Outside food or beverage
  • Laser pointers and pens, pepper spray and mace
  • Noisemakers such as air horns, fireworks, frisbees, balls, and other projectiles
  • Any other items deemed unacceptable by the event or building management

Norway Savings Bank Arena does not provide storage for any confiscated baggage, so visitors should leave these items at home or in a secured area prior to arrival at the Arena.

Pets: Sorry, No Pets Allowed, service dogs will be permitted 

Solicitation/Vending: Norway Savings Bank Arena does not permit vending, soliciting or collecting contributions of any purpose, the distribution or displaying of promotional materials on the premises without express consent of building management.  If observed soliciting, vending or displaying or distributing promotional materials on the premises, management will ask that you discontinue or leave.  Other actions will be taken if necessary.

Wheelchair/ADA Accessibility: Norway Savings Bank Arena was designed to provide enhanced accessibility for our disabled patrons.  NSBA is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  Our restrooms and mezzanine areas are easily accessible.  Special Wheelchair seating is available for those who require it for all sporting events and activities.  Guests who need wheelchair accessible seating or have special need requirements should contact Arena Management at 207-333-6688 prior to arrival.